And if it comes to sex, you will find nothing to teach them

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And if it comes to sex, you will find nothing to teach them

According to your geographical area in the united states, if you make less than $80,000 yearly, don’t spend some time chasing after these Sisi Eko. You’re not boy sufficient to guy these types of females. Earliest, a lot of them don’t possess a sense of question; 2nd, they might be poked all of the and that method; and you will 3rd, you are writing about a good blackhole.

There are no reliable investigation that factors to the new volume out of divorce or separation for the Nigerian enclaves in the us, Canada, Uk and you will elsewhere regarding the west. What is not clear, would be the fact, this new wide variety try extreme. By way of example, informal conversations with family unit members and you will loved ones away from household members on the United States reveal that 4 away from every10 marriages retracts inside step 3 many years, six during the five years, and you can nine for the eight years. New wahala initiate within 9 weeks of coming in in america; also it is at their boiling point because the Alien Membership (Green) Cards is actually obtained.

Maybe not minding everything i possess registered, males city able to find true-love with your Sisi Eko. Still, I would instead you find a girlfriend no matter where you happen to be residing in the west. Something else: dont head to Church looking a church-girl; the odds favor your in the Las vegas strip joint.

What you get is actually a man exactly who cannot manage their sexual urges and you may desires intercourse to your request; what you get is actually an insecure man which panics on simple regard to various other man’s term

And from now on the newest guys. My personal ladies household members have likewise acceptance that looking for one, a bona fide Nigerian boy for a husband is a concern the fresh new womenfolk have also talking about for a long time. Vera Ezimora, one to great and you can 100 % free-saturated publisher it actually was whom summarized it by doing this:

“Marrying a Nigerian boy is moroccan chat room like to find a car out of an enthusiastic market. Everything pick is not what you get. What you discover is a fine boy whom intends to offer the industry and you may past; everything find try a respectable and you will adult kid who is safer in you and you will what you each other express. What you want is actually for him adjust, and you can everything aren’t getting is actually change.”

Vera proceeded to declare that “Investing relationships is like purchasing a computer out of the auction; it is not certain to really works, there’s no guarantee, a return plan is non existent, a reimbursement is actually definitely unthinkable, you are protected one tons of worms could well be checking out your and you will crashing yourself, the purchase price you have to pay because of it doesn’t have anything to do with their top quality and/or services it can render, hackers would getting being able to access your pc, no company would like to ensure they as they notice it as a particular “liability”, and it will incorporate destroyed bits that simply cannot getting replaced as they are off the field.”

Whenever you are already dating a good Nigerian, an African, African-Western, Indian, German or Korean, please age otherwise equivalent background, following, by all means abstain from the new Sisi Eko

In terms of me personally, well, I’m nonetheless at my games: probably ways and you may songs festivals; feasting my personal attention in the women on moving floor; studying and you can catching up with videos. Often times, however, We get ready for relatives and buddies people. But generally, We speak intermestic politics over a glass of wine and you can an excellent bowl of pounded yam and egusi soups with assorted chicken…however unmarried and you may readily available and looking to possess a wife having down the street. Zero Sisi Eko for me, whether or not. Oh no…only the society girl.

Speaking of women who are widely used to a lifetime of freedom, threats and you can opulence. Precisely what does a typical Nigerian lifestyle around south west enjoys to give such as for instance people? Mind you, the typical Nigerian lifestyle to another country (like me) is a difficult boy: way of living out-of paycheck-to-paycheck. Some of us works forty-80 days per week; i focus on Fridays, Saturdays, and Vacations and on holidays and also new graveyard changes. You will find nothing to promote this type of Sisi Eko, yet ,, we wish him or her.

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